Tips for Maintaining Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Wicker Furniture

e outdoor wicker furniture is China’s traditional furniture, its raw materials and technology have a long history and its fine shape and function gain favor of larege amount of people.Today, we are going to share with you some tips for maintaining outdoor wicker furniture.

Firstly, whether the outdoor wicker furniture is in use or not in use, it should be placed far away from the fire or high temperature area. To avoid long-term direct sun, otherwise the outdoor wicker furniture will easy to fade, dry and deform. It will also easy to bend, crack, loose and disrupted. Therefore, you’d better do the protective job well.

Secondly, because the outdoor wicker furniture sets are easy to gather dust, you can use a dust collector to clean it at first. Then, use a soft brush to wipe the furniture off dust outward. Use a wet cloth to wipe again. Finally, take a dry cloth to wipe away the residual moisture, which will damage the outdoor wicker furniture sets.

Thirdly, after using for a period of time, you can use brackish water to wipe the wicker furniture, which can at one hand move the dust away, at another hand keep its original flexibility. In addition, by this way, you can keep the outdoor wicker furniture sets against crisp and breeding worms.

Fourthly, efurbished processing ways for wicker furniture: Firstly, clean and dry the furniture sets, then use the abrasive paper to polish the wicker frame outside to make it cleaning and smooth. Finally, paint it with gloss paint.

Because it’s purely handmade craft, once with the rapid development of society, the decrease of talents in this field made the outdoor wicker furniture art difficult to inherit. Meanwhile, the quantity and scale of outdoor wicker furniture has been greatly reduced. But in recent years, the outdoor wicker furniture with its unique shape and function, technology and material, again won the favor of people.

The outdoor wicker furniture brings us pure and fresh, quiet and elegant char and appeal of countryside, to some extent, alleviating people’s life pressure and making people comfortable and cozy.

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