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How to Install a Gas Fireplace

sually gas fireplace should be installed according to the house structure. In terms of the modern gas fireplace, there are two types of fireplace. One is steel fireplace, and generally is mass-produced by the factory, and the other is a masonry fireplace, and is by hand production.

Steel fireplace is more common, and it’s easy to install. You can only put this fireplace directly into the place that is already for the fireplace. And the appearance of the gas fireplace will not become overheating due to the burning of nearby objects.

However, although masonry fireplace has nostalgic style in appearance, but the construction process is relatively complex, and the design is not very reasonable. So it is not many in use.

Installing a new fireplace, you should preferably base on the interior of the house so that you can determine the best installation position. The most suitable installation location is the living room, bedroom or kitchen.

There are three forms of installation position. One is in the middle of the separating wall. The second is at the orthogonal foot between the exterior and interior walls. The third is in the hall which is set up independently.

The followings are important points of gas fireplace installation and selection.

1.A fireplace should be installed in the most active room so that it can achieve maximum thermal efficiency.
2.For duplex apartments, if you can place the gas fireplace on the turned platform on the stairs, then it will be able to let the direct heat spread to the upper room or the lower room, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

3.The floor used for gas fireplace placement should also be insulated. The requirements vary depending on different products. The open-style wood-burning fireplace needs a very large base to load the fire and ashes. You should also consider adjusting the flame when you set the glass door.

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