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Lighting up Your House with Stained Glass Table Lamp

Stained Glass Table Lamp

Do you know how to use the stained glass table lamp for your home decoration? Do you know the maintenance ways and the characteristics of stained glass table lamps? Today we are going to provide you with some information related to these questions.

Characteristics of stained glass table lamp

Stained glass is generally unlike ordinary glass. The surface of the stained glass is not very smooth.  It is generally classified into many kinds, such as waterlines, pattern, spots, bubbles, translucent and transparent. Adding the raw materials before production and then bake it, the stained glass has been formed. It is by no means a post-processing color. And any aspect colors are the same as the surface color. Therefore, the stained glass shade is never fade.

The maintenance ways of stained glass table lamp

Stained glass table lamps are suitable for living room, bedroom and study. To ensure the cleanliness of stained glass table lamp, you can directly wipe with a dry cloth after every three for five months. Since the pollution of the water vapor and the dust in the air, the lampshades will lose their luster. Or the surface defend tin line will become white. In this case, you can just use cloth with the lubricant to wipe the lampshade surface. Then it can give you a brand new look.

Do remember that you should not be washed with water and wipe with a hard washing item to clean the lampshade. Because the black lines stained solder is made from soldering tin and dying. It has the antioxidant effect. Washing and hard washing items will destroy the black antioxidant protective layer, and resulting in mildew of the lines.


For installing stained glass table lamp, chandeliers, ceiling lamps and wall lamps, you should ask professional installation people to install according the professional installation methods we provide. Do not install them by yourself. And do not arbitrarily change the hardware components and product structure in order to avoid danger

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