Pool Design

Switch to Above-Ground Pool Deck with these Unique Designs


Are you thinking about adding a pool in your home? But do not want to build the same kind of an inground pool in the area. If this is a situation, above ground pools are the right alternative. Aboveground pools are not less attractive than an inground pool. Instead, with some creative planning like making a pool deck, constructing garden near it, or putting some decorative things, these poo look truly stunning.

Here, get some above ground pool design ideas that are out of the ordinary but uniquely awesome:

  1. Above-Ground Pool with Composite Deck

A unique quality of above-ground pools are the walk-in steps. This feature includes style and a genuine inground pool feel. And adding a composite deck will give a ton of benefits. It consists of wood, plastic and bonding agents that look natural and have a long life span. But they are some dos and don’ts of the composite deck you have to follow like:

  • Use the right tools for cutting composite boards as they contain plastic content that make it dense and hard. That’s why composite cutting blades are designed in the way that they remain sharp.
  • Your decking support structure must be strong enough to comfortably bear the weight of a composite deck.
  • You need to use the correct fixings as some of the decking boards come with special fixing systems.
  • Must leave the adequate ground space for proper air flow to keep it cool.
  • You should not use a nail gun on composite decking boards.
  • Deck boards cannot be cut at the different times of a day. Instead cut them in one time.
  • Do not directly build on soil or grass.
  1. Pool Wrapped in Wood and Stone

Above-ground pool that is covered in wood and stone creates a great look that perfectly blends into the surroundings. It adds more value to your property. This type of pool is an example of it can fit into a sloping backyard. But make sure the height of the pool wall must be at least 4ft that adds an advantage. This raised wall on one side provides safety to the pool and turns into an effective barrier.

  1. Above-Ground Pool with Terraced Deck

This is another creative idea for an above-ground pool with decking. Sinking the pool in a wooden deck or partially submerging in the ground can change the entire look and feel. You can also add grass, contrasting stamp crete and other natural elements to give your pool a beautiful look.

  1. Corner Pool with Terraced Deck

Now, this can be your favorite design for an above-ground pool. You can make a deck in a way that it functions like stairs, seating and to wrap the pool. You can make a retaining wall with bricks, stones and any other surface that is comfortable.

  1. Pool with Platform Deck

Pool with platform decking is another great option. If you aren’t concerned about space, this option for your above-ground pool would have a lot of benefits. You can design your pool with raised deck and paneled walls which act as barriers for young children as well as for animals. And, if you add a pergola on the opposite, it gives shade during the afternoon.

  1. Half Submerged Pool with Composite Deck

This one also gives a great look to your property. This pool is built on-ground and the deck covers half of the pool wall. This type of composite deck provides it an integrated and unique look plus safety for small children and pets. It also helps in keeping your pool clean by blocking any kind of leaves from nearby trees. It will also act like garden decking.

Final Wrap

So, hope the above-said ideas help you to decide on a beautiful pool site for your property. But with that, heating the pool water is also a necessary element. There may be an electric alternative to heat the pool, but there are several reasons for switching to solar pool heating that give many benefits like reduced electricity bills and efficient energy consumption.

When there is no possible option for in-ground pools, above-ground pools are the best alternative. Only you need to decide what design best fits your property and what materials will make it more unique. Also, installing a solar heating system will be an added benefit for you.