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Vertical Garden Solutions In Narrow Area

Vertical Garden

Have you ever heard, what is a Vertical Garden. If you look at the pictures below, surely many who have been here. In a simple vertical garden is a garden planted in vertical media. Somebody call a vertical garden with Vertical Landscape, Green Wall, Jardin Garden. This garden is considered suitable because of the limited urban land and this garden can be planted in the vertical walls of buildings or private homes.

Placing plants in order to grow in the walls need a little trick, considering that much more difficult to grow in a vertical condition compared to the normal position. So, take the container or the right module for fixed plants grow fast and do not die.


Besides adding beauty, the positive effect is to lower the vertical garden to the interior of the building thermal temperature. Because the leaves of plants can reduce the heating effect of solar radiation. This is due to the circulation of air flowing through the foliage and stems of plants slit. The point is that the vertical garden can withstand heat from outer space. Also the noise from outside can also be muted.

Usually leaves the element has a vertical garden that meeting, this can reduce air pollution because of the vertical garden to catch particles of dirt. Another advantage that is no less important is  increase the supply of oxygen and do not need a large land. The walls of the house as a planting medium.


Actually very easy to make a vertical park. You can make simply by vines is to put chicken wire on the wall and then wrapping vines in some parts of the wire, and treated properly then the plant will spread by itself.