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7 Tips To Keep You Home Clean This Summer

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When we think about home cleaning, spring is the season that most often comes to mind. Spring is the time when we do our annual grand cleaning, but also a season that comes after two messiest ones – fall and winter.

However, while dry and usually rain-free, summer can also pose a challenge in terms of home cleaning. The kids are back from school and around the house more often, which itself is already a demanding cleaning and maintenance task.

We spoke to the cleaning experts at Castle Keepers – Altanta who were kind enough to share a few summer cleaning tips.

Clean Your Gutters

Even though it’s usually sunny and dry, the summer can surprise us with a few brief but strong storms. To make sure your home is ready for them, make sure to clean out your drains and pick out the weeds around them to make sure the water from the roof can safely find its way to the ground.

Clean The Patio And Driveway

You are guaranteed to spend a lot of time on the patio during the summer, so now is the right time to clean it. Winter and spring can leave a lot of debris out around your home, especially on surfaces like wooden patios and paved driveways. Depending on the surface, cleaning the debris could be as easy as washing it out with a high-pressure stream of water. However, don’t do this without consulting the manufacturer specifications first.

Get The Backyard Ready For Guests

Judging by the course of the Coronavirus pandemic, lots of us will be spending more time outside than in when it comes to socializing. This is why it’s a good idea to spruce up your backyard or patio. Make sure to clean all your patio furniture and wash the cushions. You’ll probably need to disinfect them more frequently, just to make sure no traces of the virus are left after your garden parties.

Declutter The Interior

With the kids back from school, you can expect things to get a bit messy during the summer. If you’re finding you have less storage space than you used to, this is the ideal time to do some decluttering and get rid of old clothes, toys, books and items you or your children no longer use.

Keep The Dirt (And Germs) At The Door

The more you move back and forth between your home and the outside, the more dirt you bring in. This is especially dangerous now with the Delta variant raging. To make sure you avoid a messy and contagious home, place a rug soaked in a disinfectant solution at the front door and ask your guests (and family members) to take their shoes off when coming in.

Clean Your Mattress Thoroughly

You should make a point of cleaning your mattress at least twice a year, in the winter and the summer. Remove the bedding and vacuum the top and bottom of the mattress thoroughly. Wash the beddings in hot water and wash your linens regularly. This will help rid your mattress of dust mites, stopping summer allergies at the get go and giving you a better sleep.

Dust Frequently

Everyone loves how the summer sun lights up our interior. But a lot of natural light also tends to highlight details like dust on the shelves you’ve been neglecting for a while. Not only is dust unsightly, it can also trigger an allergic reaction, especially during the summer. Therefore, make sure to dust your home more frequently this summer.

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