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5 Best Smart Home Devices for Beginners

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If you’re just getting on the smart home bandwagon, welcome aboard. The technological revolution which enabled us to have remotely controlled devices in our homes is simply staggering to a person outside the field.

The embedded computers in these devices are capable of so much more than even the strongest computers could do just decades ago.

However, dwelling on the past is not productive; picking the best smart home devices from a wide array of products available sounds much more fun. We reached out to experts of embedded computing at ADL-USA, although their devices have much more robust applications – like industrial and military embedded devices.

Smart Speakers

Perhaps the simplest of all smart devices found in our homes is the smart speaker. There are many different brands which each offer different options, but they all have a few things in common.

For one thing, they can be voice activated and listen to simple commands. Whether it is shopping, playing music, or controlling other smart devices in your home, a smart speaker can substitute the app on your phone where you need to manually enter what you want. The future is here.

Smart Doorbell

Even if you think that you absolutely do not need a smart doorbell, there are some really handy features of these smart devices.

For one, these smart doorbells mostly have a camera and microphone integrated. That means that you will be able to speak to whoever is at the other end of the door without opening – a handy treat at times.

What’s more important is that you will be able to see who is at your door even if you’re not actually home, thanks to the internet connection. You’ll never miss your Amazon delivery again.

Smart Thermostat

Another favorite among the tech savvy homeowners is a smart thermostat. As the summer heat is ramping up, more and more Americans will rely on their AC to cool their homes. However, if you don’t have a smart thermostat and you’re away from home for the majority of the day, you basically have two options.

You can either have your AC running all day, cooling an empty house and driving your electricity bill up, or you can come back from work to a hot house and have to wait until it cools down.

On the other hand, with a smart thermostat, you can set the temperature via your phone while you’re on your way home – thus avoiding both spending too much electricity and coming back to an unpleasantly hot house.

Smart Locks

Locks have been around for millennia and during that time, very little has changed in the basic design and functionality. But, with the advent of modern technologies, even the locks on our doors can become smart and integrated into the smart home system.

Essentially, your lock can be locked and unlocked remotely via your smart device, but the top quality ones also retain the classic lock capabilities, just in case you don’t have your phone with you or your battery is empty.

If you often worry if you’d locked the door before you left, this is an ideal solution for you. Additionally, it can tell you when somebody tries to open your door.

Smart Lighting Systems

Smart light bulbs are a thing, and they might not be as useless as you would think initially. Smart light bulbs tend to fit into the same formats as regular light bulbs, but thanks to their integration with technology, they offer you a variety of control options.

Generally, you can access them remotely via the mobile app, but you can also change light colors, have the lights pulsate to your music or video games and more.

There are countless other smart devices available, from smart fridges to smart garage door openers and picture frames. The only question is, how far do you want to automate and integrate your home.

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