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10 Tips for Living in Coliving Spaces


Navigating the ins and outs of coliving spaces requires a strong understanding of the etiquette that governs the shared living experience. With practical tips like not using your housemate’s luxe mattress bedding, our guide aims to serve as your roadmap to successfully living in a coliving space, drawing from the insights of housemates, digital nomads and coliving community members from different backgrounds.

1. Understand Coliving Basics

Embarking on your shared living journey means understanding and embracing the coliving basics. Just because it’s a growing trend and gaining in global popularity, it doesn’t mean you automatically can slide into it without educating yourself first. It values immersive common areas, coworking spaces and accommodations designed to foster communal engagement.

The rise of coliving is characterized by active participation, openness and a new dimension to the traditional living situation. It’s essential to grasp that coliving is not just about sharing a roof but creating a collaborative environment that enhances daily life.

Main Takeaways:

  • Coliving goes beyond traditional shared living.
  • It is focused on communal engagement and active participation.
  • Understand the basics to set the foundation for a successful experience.

2. Follow Golden Etiquette Rules

Following golden etiquette rules is necessary for a good daily life in a coliving space. The golden rules include being considerate and respectful of your roommate and their needs. Setting clear house rules in your shared space can streamline the coliving experience and foster harmony amidst diverse backgrounds. By setting guidelines, you and your roommates can avoid conflicts and build a culture of mutual respect that helps everyone feel at home.

Main Takeaways:

  • Consideration and respect are cornerstones.
  • Clear house rules make for a smoother coliving experience.
  • Guidelines help in avoiding conflicts and ensuring harmony.

3. Respect Personal Boundaries

Respecting personal boundaries is an essential coliving etiquette that promotes mutual respect and peaceful coliving. Learning to recognize and respect the comfort zone of every neighbor is key — whether in a coworking space, in communal areas or within the private sphere of their fully furnished rooms. Personal space can vary from person to person, and understanding what boundaries mean to each of your roommates will lead to a better living experience for all involved.

For example, not every housemate will be comfortable with you letting your friend sleep on their queen bed mattress while they’re away. Just because Purple mattresses are comfier than the couch, it doesn’t give you the right to let someone else stay in their room among their personal effects.

Main Takeaways:

  • Mutual respect is central to coliving.
  • Different comfort zones should be recognized and respected.
  • Understanding boundaries leads to a better overall living experience.

4. Divide Shared Responsibilities

Sharing a space means dividing shared responsibilities. Establishing a system for upkeep and maintenance fosters a tidy living space. This constructive approach enhances the coliving experience by ensuring communal spaces and shared facilities remain accessible, clean and inviting. Creating a chore schedule or using a task-sharing app can help ensure that everyone contributes to maintaining the space, making life easier for all residents.

Main Takeaways:

  • A system for upkeep is crucial.
  • Chore schedules can help distribute responsibilities.
  • A tidy space enhances the coliving experience.

5. Prioritize Cleanliness

Cleanliness is a top priority in any coliving etiquette guide. Personal tidiness positively impacts the communal space, contributing to a pleasant coliving experience for all coliving space members. A clean space reflects our shared commitment to an intimate and unique living experience. Simple acts like taking out the trash regularly, washing dishes after use and wiping down communal areas can go a long way in maintaining a pleasant living environment.

Main Takeaways:

  • Cleanliness impacts the entire community.
  • Simple tasks contribute to a better living space.
  • A clean space is a shared commitment.

6. Observe Quiet Hours

Observing quiet hours is a fundamental coliving etiquette that ensures every housemate remains considerate of others’ needs. Respecting the silence during defined periods paves the way for a harmonious living in a coliving space. Maintaining quiet hours allows roommates to concentrate, rest or engage in activities that require focus. This makes for a balanced living environment where everyone’s needs are considered.

Main Takeaways:

  • Quiet hours are essential for balance.
  • Respecting silence benefits everyone.
  • Defined quiet periods promote harmony.

7. Foster Communal Harmony

Fostering communal harmony is a vital aspect of living in a coliving space. Active involvement and considerate gestures help cultivate a healthy coliving community, making living in coliving a rewarding and enriching experience. Simple actions like greeting your neighbors, attending community events or even organizing a game night can strengthen community bonds and contribute to a harmonious living environment.

Main Takeaways:

  • Active involvement enriches the community.
  • Considerate gestures go a long way.
  • Community events can strengthen bonds.

8. Resolve Conflicts Peacefully

In any living situation, conflicts may arise. The key is to resolve conflicts peacefully and with mutual respect. Open communication and consideration underpin the cornerstone of coliving etiquette, fostering harmony and understanding among roommates from different backgrounds. Establishing a conflict resolution process, like scheduled meetings to air grievances, can make problem-solving more effective and less stressful for everyone.

Main Takeaways:

  • Open communication is essential.
  • Mutual respect fosters harmony.
  • A conflict resolution process can be beneficial.

9. Maximize Your Experience

To maximize your coliving experience, embrace every opportunity that coliving offers. The coliving community is a melting pot of cultures, experiences and people. Participate actively, explore coworking opportunities and engage with housemates to get the most out of your unique living experience. Don’t hesitate to join your housemates in local community-led projects or attend workshops together. These are excellent avenues to grow both personally and professionally while living in a coliving space.

Main Takeaways:

  • Embrace opportunities for personal growth.
  • Active participation enhances your experience.
  • Coworking opportunities are a plus.

10. Prioritize Safety Measures

Every coliving space must prioritize the safety of its inhabitants. Ensuring everyone is knowledgeable about emergency protocols, maintaining secure access to spaces and being vigilant about personal belongings contribute to a secure shared living experience. Simple but essential steps, like familiarizing yourself with emergency exits or making sure the smoke detectors work, can significantly improve safety in your coliving space.

Main Takeaways:

  • Knowledge of emergency protocols is essential.
  • Secure access maintains safety.
  • Vigilance about personal belongings contributes to a secure environment.

Your Practical Guide to Coliving: Concluding Thoughts

Living in a coliving space is about so much more than just sharing physical space; it’s about building a community where everyone in the house can thrive. While independent living has its perks, coliving provides a unique opportunity to grow and learn from others who come from different backgrounds and cultures. As you navigate this journey, keep an open mind and remember that living together might not always be smooth sailing.

It’s necessary to respect each other’s private space and to take an active role in the community. Participate in decision-making, attend communal events and, above all, make sure to clean up after yourself — a tidy space isn’t necessarily a given. It’s a shared responsibility. By fostering an environment of respect and openness, you set the stage for a harmonious and enriching coliving experience.

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