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How to Decorate Your Bedroom: 5 Classic Blueprint Wall Art Ideas


A room without wall art is quite boring. There are so many things one can do to decorate their room. One of the most amazing things to do is putting wall arts on your bedroom walls.

A bedroom is a place where we relax and take out all our stress and tiredness of the entire day. You can put some extra effort into your thoughts on your room wall and decorate it with wall art ideas. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how to decorate your bedroom with 5 classic blueprint wall art ideas. Keep reading to know more:

Sports stadium blueprint

Sports stadium blueprint is one of the best blueprint wall art ideas. You can gift this unique blueprint wall art to someone who is a huge sports fan. This wall art is drawn in detail with factual information about their construction and history. It goes great with any set of furniture. This piece of wall art is enough for any wall decoration. There is multiple sports court available like football, basketball, soccer, and cricket from different locations.

Animal blueprint

It is one of the greatest ideas of blueprint wall art. Animal blueprint looks amazing, and you can choose any animal for blueprint wall art such as dog, cat, horse, lion, and other animals you may like. This unique wall art features animal breeds drawn in detail along with factual information, which makes them more special. It is the perfect wall art or gift for people who are animal lovers or owners. If you have a pet at home, it is a great idea to have a blueprint wall art of that particular animal. You can find animal svg images online which you can use to make a custom piece featuring your pet.

Map blueprint

Map blueprint is a great idea for anyone who loves to travel and explore. People who love to learn more about geography, it is a great idea to have any map blueprint on their wall. It is nice to have such classic wall art in home especially for those who have kids at home, and they want their kids to learn more about that particular country or world geography. You can pick a map blueprint of a country in which you reside or maybe some other country about which you want to know more.

Musical instrument blueprint

Musical instrument blueprint wall art is one of the best gifts for music lovers. You can pick any musical instrument blueprint like guitar, table, keyboard, and others. This musical blueprint wall art is drawn in a way with complete details along with complete dimensions of that particular musical instrument. It is a great idea to have a musical instrument blueprint wall art at your home, and it will enhance the grace of the entire bedroom.

Vehicle blueprint

Vehicle blueprint is maybe the last in our list, but it looks superb in its unique way. You can pick any vehicle for blueprint wall art like a ship, airplane, airship, some antique car, etc. It is one of the greatest ideas of gifting it to someone who loves vehicles and wants something to keep in front of them in their bedroom. A vehicle blueprint wall art is drawn in detail with factual information about their construction and history. This piece of wall artwork great on any bedroom wall and enhance it uniquely.


These are the best 5 classic blueprint wall art ideas. You can pick any of these blueprint wall arts for your bedroom and can also gift it to someone close. These wall arts will have a unique style of gracing your entire room. Pick the best one for you today, to have the best art piece for your room. 

Good Luck!

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