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How to Make Kids Room Perfect for Sleepovers


Sleepover is the favorite amusement of our kids. But it is so for parents, too? Maybe it is not, especially when our children enjoy a bulk of noisy friends and classmates. However, we can’t forbid them to organize the sleepover of their dreams. 

Thanks to the sleepover activities, in fact, children learn socializing and developing more  sensitivity and empathy towards others.

Of course, for adults, the first sleepover of their kids can turn into a traumatic experience. All this happens when kids organize impromptu sleepover games without the permission of their parents. How to face, hence, the upcoming sleepover of your kids? 

The answer is in this small guide, where you’ll learn how to prepare for a sleepover organized by your guys. Sleepover is, indeed, a party where guests are often children or teenagers. 

It can be organized for a birthday. On this occasion, guests can also intervene bringing a present. For a sleepover with 6-9 year children, the present can’t be a baby gear, but a different item.                                         

Anyway, for a sleepover, you will always need large space to house friends, games and the mattresses where kids jump, up and down, while music spreads around the room. 

But a spacious room is not the only ingredient you need to organize a magical sleepover for your kids. You also need pretty sleepover ideas and useful tips about how to make the room of your kid perfect for sleepovers. Still interested? Keep reading this post, then! 

Prepare the room of your children for a sleepover party

First of all, you need to clean and prepare the room where the sleepover party holds. It can be kid’s bedroom or a wide hall. For a crowded sleepover, it is better you choose a larger room, a lounge room, for example. 

Tidy it, remove dust, clean carpets with the hoover, empty the boxes and move drawers and furniture which can be scratched and endangered during the sleepover. 

Retrieve all of the space you can, leave only a small table for snacks and a daybed. Usually, the latter is included in the couch. Obviously, an only bed can’t be enough for a sleepover. In this case, after freeing the lounge from useless furniture, equip it with additional beds, such as memory foam mattresses. 

Take care to coat them with new and clean bedding covers, in order to give the room a neat and homely appearance. After this stage, you can also say to your children to prepare the sleepover invitations. That is the second step among the many other things to do at a sleepover, but, above all, for a perfect sleepover party. 

Ideal furniture for sleepover

Seen that, usually, a sleepover is populated by lively teenagers, ideal furniture must be surely stylish, but, above all, practical and shock resistant. As said above, remove every piece of furniture which can be endangered during the party and replace wooden chairs and tables with plastic furniture. 

Consider a sleepover like an outdoor party. Place, hence, plastic colored table with fries and snacks and chairs with cushion at the corners of the room. Enrich the free space with likewise soft and modern beds, not only mattresses, but even with more creative ideas. The most brilliant and eclectic ones are:

  • Multipurpose loungers
  • Convertible beanbag chairs
  • Portable Cots

What are they? Read below, to discover it!

Multipurpose loungers

Multipurpose loungers are halfway between a chair and a bed. They are portable and compact items that you can easily place and remove in any type of room. Loungers can be used for sleepovers or a as a bed for nap, and as a chair, to read a book. 

If you don’t need them, you can easily fold and stash them in a cabinet or in a container under the bed. Due to their small sizes, they are not suitable for sleepovers with teenagers.  

Convertible beanbag chairs 

Convertible beanbag chairs can be considered the real innovation of modern furniture. They are always portable items you can turn into soft bed or into a soft and cozy chair. They can have larger sizes and are ideal for a sleepover with taller guys. 

Portable Cots

Portable cots have been initially developed for outdoor activities, such as camping. They are wheeled portable daybeds you can move from a room to another one. They are helpful for crowded sleepovers or as guest beds. They are bulkier than the above mentioned portable items and are ideal only for big spaces.


Sleepover can be a valuable experience for parents and children. Our ideas are simple ways to make kid’s room perfect for sleepovers and also enjoyable for parents. With the proper items and furniture, we are sure it will be! If we are right, let us know through a message. We’ll be happy to reply!

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