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3 Reasons Why You Should Make Sure Your Gutters Are Working


It isn’t the funnest weekend project but checking your gutters is an important chore to make sure gets done. You don’t want to procrastinate the cleaning of gutters because a number of problems can arise from debris building up in them.

This can happen easily in older homes, so if you are on the home hunt and searching for Calgary Homes For Sale, make sure you get confirmation that the gutters have be cleaned regularly. If they haven’t you should look for damage from the roof to the foundation due to water not being able to properly flow from the house. Water that isn’t going away from your home can also flood basements among other damages.

Clean gutters and downspouts will give your roof a longer lifespan. Rainwater can seep under your roof’s shingles if your gutters overflow and it can also get into your attic if it damages the roof’s soffit and fascia. This can also weaken your roof overtime and cause mold to grow, continuing to ruin your roof. If you make sure your gutters are properly installed and cleaned, you are also making sure that you are protecting your roof.

Not only will clean gutters protect your roof, it will also protect your home’s foundation. As mentioned above, if your gutter is not cleaned properly, it won’t direct the water away from your home. Clogs and poor installation will cause water to pool by your home and it can erode the soil around it, flood your basement and cause cracks in the foundation.

The foundation of your home is not the only thing your gutters are protecting. They are also preventing your home’s siding from being damaged. If your home is older and the siding is wood or stone-based, overflowing gutters will cause damage overtime causing cracks or resulting in mold. Newer homes with vinyl siding are more protected against rot, mold and water, but if the siding is constantly being bombarded by water, damage may be underneath the siding. 

You need to make sure that your gutter system is preventing a waterfall from forming on your siding and making sure that water is directed away from your home whether it be away from the siding, the roof or the foundation. You must make sure your gutters are inspected and are installed properly on top of being cleaned regularly. 

Debris is  what causes clogs and water to be close to your home and improper installation causes that water to be directed in the wrong direction instead of away from your home. Water is your homes biggest enemy and your gutters are its first line of defense.

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