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8 Easy Tips for a Clutter-Free and Organized Home Office


Due to the current pandemic, the majority of employees are still working from home. And we will not be surprised if you always find this setup challenging after all these months.

Luckily, you do not have to do home renovations to work effectively. All you need is a clean and organized working space.

So, whether you work on a kitchen counter or in an empty room, here are x tips to keep your home office clutter-free:

Clear Your Space

The first step to keeping your home office clean and organize is to clear your space.

To do that, the people at Maid Sailors NYC Office Cleaning recommends that you bring out all your belongings. This includes the pens and papers and other supplies you use at work. Once you are done, clean all the surfaces like your work desk.

That way, it will be easier for you to return and organize things where they belong.

Zone it Out

This is ideal if you have a dedicated office space in your home. Regardless, one way to keep your workspace organized is to create zones.

It can be as simple as having a workstation, which is your desk and your computer. And then another station for your supplies. This is where you will find your pens and papers and stick notes.

Creating zones gives you an idea of how you can contain your item. It also ensures that your items have their home.

Sort Your Items

Before you return your items where they belong, it is imperative to sort them out.

It does not matter whether you work in a home office or just have a table in the corner of your house. What’s important is that you only keep what belongs to your work-from-setup.

Letting irrelevant items in your workspace can lead to clutter, which hinders you from concentrating on your work. You are also allowing this stuff to collect dust, causing allergic reactions.

That said, it would be best to keep things that are necessary for your work.

As for the items that do not belong there, it would be best to relocate or throw them.

Use Proper Storage

It is not enough to clean your space and return your items where they belong. It is also vital that you designate for your stuff.

For instance, you have a bunch of pencils. If you do not keep them in proper storage, expect to see a couple of pencils here and there.

This explains why it is necessary to have proper drawers and organizers in your home office. Drawers allow you to divide and conquer the clutter and contain your items.

It also prevents your belongings from going into disarray.

Manage Your Cabling System

Unruly cable wires make visual clutter. Plus, it makes you susceptible to tripping, which can lead to accidents. Hence, it would be ideal if you have a cable management system in place.

The simplest way to do that is to use a plastic spiral wrap. Another is to use integrated cable management that you can hide under your work desk.

You can also opt to go cord-free if you can. For instance, instead of buying a wired keyword and mouse for your computer, you can purchase Bluetooth-enabled accessories. Doing so allows you to have a clean and streamlined home office look.

Set a Paper-processing Station

If you still leave paper trails at work, it would be best to have a paper-processing station in your office.

It can be as simple as having three baskets:

  1. One is for documents that you need to archive.
  2. One is for documents that need immediate action (i.e., bills).
  3. One is for documents that you need to shred and throw away.

Nonetheless, the best way to prevent stacks of paper from spiraling out of control is to limit your paper transactions. Consider using a digital signature or online billing, for instance. That way, you can reduce your paper waste.

Mind you; paper billing also helps you to save money.

Color-code Your Filing System

Say you have some documents that you need to archive. That does not mean that you should store them willy-nilly. Otherwise, they will be in disarray.

That said, it would be best to color-code your filing system.

Each color represents a category. For instance, green is for your invoices, and yellow is for your bills. That way, you can search through your documents without the hassle.

Declutter Systematically

Last but not least, it is imperative to declutter systematically.

Meaning, you should work from top to bottom or left to right. Doing so ensures efficiency, allowing you to get things done faster.

Another thing to keep in mind is to have regular maintenance. It’s like cleaning your work desk at least once per week and then schedule a deep cleaning session monthly. That way, your workspace will not slide back into chaos.

Keep Your Home Office Clean and Clutter-free

Clutter has a way of sprouting out and multiplying in different parts of your house. And your home office is prone to such a mess.

Hence, we suggest that you spend a couple of minutes to clean your workspace before or after work. And you should keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Clear your space
  2. Create zoning
  3. Sort your items
  4. Use proper storage
  5. Manage your cabling system
  6. Set a paper-processing system
  7. Color-code your filing system
  8. Declutter systematically

Doing so ensures that you are keeping the clutter at bay. Other than that, a clean workspace allows you to stay focused and productive.

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