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Top 5 AI-Based Home Technologies That Deserve Your Attention

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New smart home gadgets are constantly being unveiled. This can match the power and ease of computer functionality with many of the basic necessities and requirements of your home. Depending on your budget, a smart home approach can make your life hassle-free and simpler.

Some AI-based technology, such as connected thermostats and home hubs, offer sleeker designs and promise more advanced and improved capabilities. Are they right for you? Here are the top 5 AI-based home technologies that you should consider.

1. A Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats, such as the Nest thermostat, will conveniently control and monitor your home’s heating from any device that you like. Some models even allow you to control your heating remotely, so you can warm up or cool down a home long before you arrive.

That’s paired to data-based suggestions on how to save money on your energy bill. Depending on how you configure the settings, your smart thermostat will even lower your energy usage directly. Some brands have been on the market for a full decade now, so it’s no longer risky tech – it’s a safe buy.

2. Smart Lighting

In the modern age, light bulbs no longer turn on and off, simple as that. Instead, you can buy amazing smart light bulbs that can change color to notify you of an instant message or incoming call. You can even control them remotely. For example, Philips Hue lets you change and alter your home lighting conveniently at just one push of a button.

Did you know that smart light bulbs can easily sense when you’re home and adjust accordingly? As a result, there’s no danger of forgetting to turn off the lights or using excess power when you’re not in a room. You can even save money by purchasing new light fixtures or the smart light bulbs themselves through Amazon, made all the cheaper with offer codes from Slickdeals.

3. A Smart Home Security System

A burglar alarm isn’t the only thing that will help protect your home. With smart security systems, cameras, motion detectors, proximity alarms, and other security measures are now accessible on your computer or smartphone – whenever you want.

This allows you to check in on your home, update your settings, or address a problem from anywhere in the world. As a plus, this smart tech has a great reputation; even having one of these systems is often enough to deter home invasions and property theft.

4. Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

This is a revolutionary device that ensures cleanliness in your smart home. Did you know that all robotic vacuum cleaners have an excellent mapping feature? This ensures your smart vacuum will learn the floor plan of your home and target every dusty corner.

Even better, many units have gyro-, radar-, camera-, and laser-guided systems in order to create a more accurate floor plan. Some will even provide mopping features, so you can have a one-device approach to keep your home spotless.

5. Digital Assistants

There is no doubt that voice-enabled digital assistants, such as Alexa, are very popular now. These assistants are a great way to bring all the different smart home devices that you use into a single place.

If you want more variety, you can also pick Google Assistant to pair it with all your other Google devices. If you don’t like big-name brands, then many AIs are compatible with all the leading smart home devices, no matter their label, so you won’t be limited.

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