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Bathroom Cleaning: 9 Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Always Clean

Keep Your Bathroom Always Clean

When you’re a homeowner, one of the most personal places in your house, aside from your bedroom, would be the bathroom. The bathroom is where you freshen up and do some of your dirty business. Since this is where you clean yourself, it should be one of the cleanest places in your house.

Although bathrooms should be the cleanest places, it doesn’t mean that we can do that as often as we’d want. If you’re going to improve your bathroom’s cleanliness, here are several tips to help you keep it clean.

Keep the Tiles Dry

The people at Cleaning Exec House Cleaning NYC suggest that you inject some cleaning tasks with your day-to-day routine whenever possible.

These brief moments allow you to keep your home clean so that you don’t have to clean your home thoroughly. One of the moments that you should take advantage of would be after a bath.

You can do a simple step after you bathe or use the toilet to keep the tiles in the bathroom dry. Water is the reason why your tiles stain as time goes. Aside from that, you might be prone to accidents if you don’t keep the tiles dry.

Whenever you finish your business in the bathroom, make sure that you wipe down the floor and the sink.

Tidy Bathroom Cabinets

Speaking of cleaning your bathroom, you should also get into the habit of tidying your bathroom cabinets. It’s so easy to let everything go all over the place.

All it takes is one day when you’re late for an appointment, and you’ll so quickly let your bathroom cabinets’ contents messy.

Therefore, if you find it dirty, try and keep it tidy again as soon as possible.

A great way to help tidy your bathroom cabinets’ contents is to add smaller storage containers in the cupboard. If your bathroom cabinet has quite a bit of space, you can add other storage solutions so that things are even more categorized and organized.

By making use of your bathroom cabinets, you won’t have to get cluttered bathroom counters.

Remove the Soap From the Sink

Leaving your soap soaking inside the soap dish that you probably haven’t cleaned in a while is not the best idea. You might be leaving germs and bacteria on there. It could be causing all sorts of dirt and sud around and on your sink.

If you can, try and get rid of that soap dish once you finish the bar of soap on there.

Instead, it would be best if you got yourself a soap dispenser. You won’t have to worry about the soap dish accumulating water on its spot. Plus, it’s a lot easier for you to wash your hands using a soap dispenser.

Flush Every Time

It should be common sense by now, but if it isn’t, it’s worth reiterating that you should flush every after use of the toilet.

Of course, you shouldn’t flush more than you need to because you’re going to waste a lot of water if that’s the case. However, if you stick to flushing every time you use it, that should be enough.

There are also some toilet cleaning products that you can use every time you flush. These cleaning products will help reduce the number of times you need to scrub your toilets.

Leave them beside your toilets so that you can remember to use them after flushing or using the toilet.

Sewage backups, odor, mold, slow drains, yard issues, foundation issues or infestation in or around your house are signs of a cracked sewer pipe. If left alone, you run the risk of further damage and a higher cost for repairs.

Install Ample Towel Bars

Instead of hanging your towels over your shower or leaving them piled on top of your counter space, you should have towel bars instead. It’s unsanitary to leave your towel on whatever surface, especially if your towels are wet.

Towel bars will be much better for keeping things sanitary as well as drying your towels.

Install as many towel bars that you need. There are some that you can put behind your bathroom door and on top of your toilets.

It’s better to have a towel bar to dry out more of the towel’s surface. However, if you don’t have space, you can stick to hooks.

Invest in Long-Lasting Cleaning Products

It might be cheaper right now for you to buy more affordable cleaning products, but it’s going to cost you more in the long run. Whether it’s a cleaning solution or cleaning tools, it’s a lot better to have a high-quality one.

When you have a high-quality cleaning tool, it won’t break faster, so you won’t have to replace it often.

If you have high-quality cleaning solutions, you won’t need to use as much cleaning solution to clean correctly. In both situations, you’re saving money in the long run, plus you won’t need much effort to clean with them.

Get Rid of Moisture

There’s a reason why we advise you to keep the tiles around your bathroom dry. That’s because excess moisture in any environment can cause mold and mildew to grow over time, which is dangerous for your health.

That’s why you should get rid of as much moisture as possible in your bathroom.

All you need to do is wipe down the bathroom walls after you bathe. You should also make sure to get rid of moisture around your shower head and shower doors.

Another way you can get rid of moisture is by turning on the exhaust fan or having one in your bathroom in the first place.

Coat Shower Element With Water Repellent

Another way you can prevent moisture from accumulating in your bathroom is by using water repellent sprays.

You can use these water repellent sprays on your shower accessories so you won’t have to worry about water staying on your bathroom surfaces.

Before you’re able to use the water repellent, make sure they’re clean and dry first. It only works if the room is well-ventilated, which is why you need to have an exhaust fan in the bathroom.

Wipe Your Counter After Every Makeup

If you use makeup, you should know how hard it is to get rid of makeup stains.

When you’re wearing makeup and applying it on your bathroom counter, make sure that you get rid of the fallout that gets on your bathroom counter. If you leave them there, the stains will be a lot harder to remove, so be vigilant and responsible.

Aside from general cleaning, these are some cleaning tips that will help you keep your bathrooms as clean as possible for a longer time. Apply these tips and get them into your cleaning routine so that you won’t have to clean your bathroom too often.

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