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What to Expect From a Regular HVAC Maintenance

HVAC Maintenance

Keeping your HVAC in good condition will ensure a lengthy and quality service. If you want your AC unit to work properly when you need it most you need to give it regular maintenance. Just like any other appliance at home, periodical checkups are a must. If you fail to provide proper care don’t expect years of service, and be prepared for sudden breaks. I wanted to understand better what regular maintenance means and how it affects my budget and HVAC performance. Hughes provided all the necessary info, so here’s what I learned:

Costs Reduction

Regular maintenance’s primary goal is to create a cost-efficient routine that’s going to lengthen the lifespan of your unit, but also save money on costly repairs or replacements. You don’t need to buy a new unit every 2-3 years, one simple cleanup two times a year will do the trick. While we are discussing cost efficiency, you should also consider investing in proper insulation. This investment might breach your current budget boundaries, but it will save you a lot of money on electricity in the long run, because your AC would use less power to reach desired temperatures.

Cleaner Air

Health should always be the primary concern. The last thing you want is to breathe in dirty air rich with microorganisms, bacteria, and germs. These pests love to nest in an HVAC and then spread through the air while the unit is blowing. Regular maintenance will prevent respiratory problems. Cleaning and changing the filters and coils will create a safe environment while you carelessly enjoy fresh and cool air.

Years of Service

Ideally, you want your HVAC to last for at least 5 years. Anything less than that is money wasted. Installing a new unit costs a lot of money, but there’s no guarantee that the new model will extend the previous mileage if you neglect it anyway. Why waste money on new units when you can offer your old model some love.

Energy Efficiency

As I already mentioned, the idea is to save money and energy using a healthy HVAC. The dirty unit will not only have poor performance but will spend up to 30% more energy in the process. Not a good deal if you ask me, both the environment and your pocket suffer while you receive less than optimal service. You will spend less money paying a professional to have a look at the unit a few times a year, than on an electricity bill at the height of a season.

Less Sudden Breaks

Unit breaking down in the middle of a hot day or during a cold winter’s night is a big bummer, moreover, if you have to wait for somebody to come to repair or replace the unit for days because of their busy schedule. This scenario is not 100% avoidable, even if you do everything on the list, but it is less likely to happen if you had someone over to have a closer look before the start of every season. An experienced technician will be able to spot potential breaks and prevent them.

What to Expect

Regular inspections vary, but, in general, there are a few things a technician will check to ensure the unit is performing optimally. They will check in what state the fans are, and perform a few tests to see how they operate under different conditions. They will clean drain lines, filters, and coils. The technician will inspect the levels of the refrigerant and also see if there are any leaks in the heat exchanger.

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