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6 Bathroom Furniture Ideas for Your Bathroom Makeover


Ready to give your blase bathroom a makeover? Before you redesign your entire space, repainting the walls or installing new tile flooring, we have a different solution. Tackle the vanity and other bathroom furniture areas first. By including a well-placed furniture piece or two in the bathroom or using a reclaimed antique for your vanity base, you can transform your dull and boring bathroom into a spa-inspired retreat.

Not sure what we mean or how to get started? Here are six bathroom furniture ideas for your bathroom makeover, from installing a more stylish sink in your vanity’s countertops to using a more eclectic, mismatched aesthetic.

#1 Make the Vanity the Focal Piece

Since your vanity is a central focal piece in the bathroom, elevate it into something extraordinary. With your bathroom makeover, consider using a stone or fireclay bathroom sink. Complete with an elegant enamel or stoneware-looking finish, your bathroom will be transformed into a spa-like oasis. Polished or rough, your bathroom furniture sink can add a striking contrast to the rest of your finishes, like tile or brass fixtures. Plus, with the durability of stone and fireclay, your bathroom sink will last for many years to come.

Explore and choose a stone or fireclay vanity sink in a variety of white shades. There are even some with black and gray color options. One thing’s for sure — these sinks will take center stage on your vanity, maybe even the entire bathroom!

#2 Add in Warm Oak Bathroom Furniture

All white bathroom furniture can give the space a clean style and monochrome look. However, sometimes, it can also come across as cold and uninviting. So instead, add some oak wood accents and touches here and there to add some warmth and character. One easy way to do so is by incorporating oak in the vanity cabinets.

And it doesn’t necessarily have to be oak either! If you prefer to use a different wood species for the bathroom cabinets, such as teak or maple, that’s fine, too! The idea is to add a touch of nature and earthiness to a space surrounded by hard tiles and ceramics.

#3 Add a Rustic Look with Reclaimed Wood

Give a rustic look to your bathroom with reclaimed wood accents. Reclaimed wood offers a beautiful feature piece, whether it’s in a frame around a mirror or a live-edge vanity top or open shelving. Perfect for both country and modern farmhouse styles, reclaimed wood accents can offer an elevated, sophisticated look with all of the charms.

Handmade and one-of-a-kind, a reclaimed wood bathroom furniture piece offers an unstuffy, rustic aesthetic that will make you feel as if you are bathing inside an ancient bathhouse. Plus, by reusing and recycling wood parts taken from older buildings and the like that would otherwise be discarded, you are creating a more environmentally-friendly bathroom.

#4 Use Open Shelving

When it comes to your bathroom furniture, give the space some shelving. And not just any shelving! Make it open shelves that allow towels, cosmetics and other bathroom accessories to be within reach. In addition, displaying perfume bottles, containers and more along your bathroom furniture can give a polished look to the space.

Install floating open shelves over the soaking tub or create a built-in tucked behind the toilet or vanity sink. Whatever you choose, keep it clean and tidy with some baskets, jars and other organizational tools. This is an excellent way to tie in oak or reclaimed woods. However, you could also make your shelves out of marble, too. Another great thing about open shelves is that they can make a room appear deeper and larger, so consider these creative options when faced with a compact bathroom space.

#5 Combine Wood and Stone Textures

To add charm and an organic nature to your bathroom furniture, combine natural yet contrasting elements. One such example is the combination of wood and stone textures. By taking a wood bathroom furniture piece like a vanity or linen closet and incorporating a stone-like grey-veined marble sink or even a polished, stained concrete countertop, you can add a refined elegance to any space. Plus, marble and many stones offer a hard, durable surface that can withstand years of use and an easy-to-maintain amenity.

#6 Mismatch Bathroom Furniture

Today, bathrooms are a lot less matchy-matchy. Instead of having matching colors, finishes or matching suite packages throughout, try a more mismatched look. Having a more eclectic style adds loads of personality to a bathroom. And the creative process can be tons of fun, too!

Instead of leaving your bathroom clean and white, add a pop of color to the bathroom furniture, making the cabinets a deep and elegant black. Another way you can mix up your bathroom furniture style is by choosing a different sink shape or unique finish for your faucets that stand out among the rest of the room. Another way to take advantage of the mismatched aesthetic is to use free-standing furniture. For example, choosing a free-standing bathroom vanity made of an old buffet or hutch furniture piece makes the room appear more lived-in while adding a boho, eclectic vibe.

Try These Bathroom Furniture Ideas for Your Bathroom Makeover

Ready to start your bathroom makeover? Try one of these six bathroom furniture ideas first to see how different it makes your space. A simple fix in bathroom furniture can make all the difference without the cost and hassle of a complete renovation. From using an open-shelf system above large pieces to mix-matching bathroom furniture for a more eclectic look and overall charm, these ideas will transform your bathroom in no time.



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