What Does a Packing Service Involve


Moving to a new home is stressful. There’s a lot of things involved to ensure you do it right and efficiently. Aside from physical effort to pack up all your belongings, you have to think about so many other things. It is always good to start earlier and pack things you are sure you won’t be needing any time soon. This way it will be easier to move when the day comes.

The problem is, if you do it all by yourself, it might consume a great deal of time and energy. The Move Central crew helped us realize that a professional packing service can be of great help. So here’s what pros do to help you pack and move to a new home:


You might have a plan on how the move will go, and what to pack first, but it is always better to let a professional have a look in your home and find the fastest and safest way. They will mark what is going to be moved, plan out the packing, and what type of vehicle would suffice.

Your input is important to determine which items should be packed with more care, and also to select what you would be more comfortable with bringing yourself. Valuables, first and foremost, jewelry, documents, ect. You can also choose if you want something packed but not loaded into the moving truck, if you want to take these items with you.

Services Provided

Professional packing service will take care of all your items in a timely fashion and with care. Your furniture will be disassembled and properly wrapped. Boxes are visibly labeled for easier access. Anything else that does not go in is also secured to prevent any damage.

It usually takes one day to get the job done, but if you are in a rush they can always bring extra staff to speed up the process. The cost depends on the amount of work needed and speed. When you consider how much preparation you would need to do yourself, and how many days you’d have to take off of work, then it is always better to turn to pros.

Partial Packing

You don’t have to pack up everything you own. Depending on your budget, or other preferences, you can choose to hire a company to only pack some special items you wouldn’t know how to handle alone.

These are, in most cases, big and fragile items like mirrors, artwork, chandeliers, TVs, vases, furniture or other breakable valuables. It is vital to move these items without causing damage. To reduce any risk, it is always better to let professionals handle the packing and transportation.

Packing Appliances

This is probably where professional packers come most in handy. Fridges, stoves, washing machines, big TVs, or any large, heavy and fragile appliances need to be properly packed.

Some moving companies might even refuse to move those items because they don’t want to take any risk of transportation damage. Packing big appliances is also something you probably wouldn’t be able to do alone. It takes a team of trained people to do it efficiently and with quality.

Why Hire Professional Packers

To sum it all up, here’s why hiring professional packers is helpful. If you don’t have enough experience, time or patience to pack everything with care. If you are on your own. If you have heavy stuff that can be damaged in transportation, especially if you are moving somewhere far.

By hiring a trustworthy company to pack your belongings, you can rest assured your items will be protected and safely transported to a new location in a record time. Don’t let this stress overwhelm you, instead, let experienced people help you.

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