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Ideas To Decorate Your House In An Ecological Way

Decorate Your House In An Ecological Way

Today, awareness of caring for the environment has been present even in the decoration of our houses; recycling, reuse, and reduction of the elements are the three pillars that represent the principles of ecology.

There are endless options offered by creative recycling and vegetation to fill our home with pieces that fulfill this double function of decorating and respecting nature, from the most everyday objects to more elaborate pieces.

This trend is becoming stronger in our lifestyle every day, so we can put into practice a large number of ideas to decorate our spaces while being friendly to the environment and not only will we make a more ecological home, but we can also save money, designing and creating our furniture, which will also give our house a unique style.

Avant-garde and conscious furniture for fun rooms

There are very attractive and original furniture designs such as this chair, which with its organic shapes, reinforces the concept of naturalness and respect for nature, making our spaces avant-garde places, including elements that represent recycling awareness.

Original bookcases

Making an element a multifunctional object will make it representative of environmental care. In ecological decoration, it is sought not to have an excess of accessories to achieve successful environments.

A simple wooden staircase can be an original and distinctive bookcase for your bedroom or living room, in addition to not losing its basic function. Being made of wood, you will get the spontaneous and natural touch that is sought in an ecological decoration.

Among the great variety of materials that can be recycled, are cardboard boxes; These are processed from renewable energy sources, which makes them doubly friendly to the environment, so they are also a good option for a fantastic piece of furniture like the one in this image.

Sensational cushions

Cushions are an accessory that cannot be missing in our house, whether in the living room or in the bedroom, their presence is essential to complement the decoration of these spaces.

An original idea that will give a unique personality to the cushions in your house, is the one you will get by giving a second chance to the bags or sacks in which the seeds are kept, as they are made of jute and other natural fibers, the It makes them strong and durable, like this magnificent option with which you can give a unique and industrial-trend look to your decoration.

Lamps full of shine

One of the many advantages that recycling offers is being able to convert attractive spaces that reflect our personality, in addition to allowing us to save money.

Everyone at home consumes bottled drinks, why not start storing them to design an original and bright lamp for your kitchen bar?

A few simple and fantastic tin vases!

The canned soft drinks or juices that we consume can now become part of the decoration of our home simply and fantastically.

When you feel like doing some kind of simple crafts, this is the option. Take the cans you have at home and get to work.

  • Remove the top with a can opener and wash the inside perfectly.
  • After drying perfectly, you can make small holes on the sides and insert a wire that serves as a handle to hang your creation.
  • Once you have the cuts ready; You can paint them with spray lacquers, line them, stick inlays, in short, the options are many, so choose the one that you like the most and go better with the decoration of your home.

The versatility of pallets

Wooden pallets or pallets are commonly used to transport products and materials in restaurants, markets, and even clothing stores, so the best way to get them is to take a tour of these types of places and negotiate with the owners or managers.

You will find them in many sizes, so they are perfect for making all kinds of furniture. Recycling is increasingly present in our lifestyle, so we can put into practice a large number of ideas to decorate our spaces while being friendly to the environment and we will not only make a more ecological home, but we can also save money, designing and creating our furniture, which will also give our house a unique style.

A very stylish room

When it comes to furnishing our living room, sofas are the ones that require the most investment; but with a little creativity, the idea of ​​making them with pallets will enchant you.

With several pieces, preferably the thickest you can find, since the pallets will be the back and the base of your sofa, so they must be really strong; Since you have the woods, cut them according to the size that you like and join the back and the base with nails so that they are firm.

For the upholstery, you can choose an individual or one-piece cushions, with the colors and textures that are most to your liking. This option is charming, as it takes the simple wooden pallets to the next level with the leather seats, being elegant and avant-garde.

A coffee table

Auxiliary tables in the house are always very necessary, especially for our living room. The manufacture of tables is one of the most popular uses given to pallets, they are very simple furniture to make and also highlight any corner of your room.

To make a low table, choose some tables as long as you want the table to be, sand them, and you have two options: varnish or paint them in any color.

The purifying and refreshing power of plants and flowers

Having green spaces in our house every day is a need that we are all looking for. Maybe we do not have an outdoor garden, but that is not a limitation to fill our homes with life. The interior of our house can be favored with the presence of plants and completely transform the environment and energy of our house, making it a healthy, natural, and beautiful place. The interior gardens are a trend in the most current houses, they are related to intimacy and spirituality compared to the exterior gardens and terraces.

A spectacular indoor garden

The air in our houses is in worse and worse conditions and our lifestyle is causing more and more chemical-synthetic products to appear in our homes that release volatile organic compounds that are harmful to your health from certain concentrations.

The most common ones are formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, benzene, xylene, toluene, carbon dioxide, and ammonia, some of them with proven carcinogenic effects.

In 1984 NASA produced the Ornamental Plants for the Reduction of Internal Air Pollution report, which published a list of plants capable of purifying the air:

Espatifilo or Spathiphyllum Wallisii, areca palm, tiger tongue, pothos, tape, ficus robusta, Chinese palm, Brazilwood, English ivy, bamboo palm.

All these plants can grow inside the house and offer us a spectacular indoor garden. Planted in large, small, and multi-colored pots, they will make the decoration look sensational, in addition to cleaning the air in our house.

A home garden

Nothing better than fresh food, fresh from the frying pan, and with a special aroma and touch, which come from your garden. Having a vegetable garden at home is always a great idea. Easy to replant and easy to find seeds even at the grocery store, home-grown herbs and spices taste fresher and are pesticide-free.

There are many and easy ways to plant a small herb and spice garden. This creative design, which reuses fruit boxes with proper preparation of the bottom with the soil, with the compost, will make the seeds grow and look amazing in a simple but optimal organization for a wall. The idea of ​​painting with a blackboard to write down the name of each herb or spice makes the environment more relaxed and creative.

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