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Various Problems Wall House


Often we find problems in the our wall house like a moldy or look bloated. What happened and how to overcome the problem of the wall of the house?

Moldy Wall

If the isolation / insulation and ventilation in a room is not good, moisture will be absorbed by the wall and can cause mildew. Open the windows and install exhaust fans to improve air circulation.

Hollow wall

The walls are hollow concrete mixtures is often caused by a wrong. Proper concrete mixture is 1 / 3 cement and 2 / 3 sand. If a mixture of sand more than the dose, the wall would be hollow.

Check the scene when buying a home the old wall. If it feels damp outer wall, paint it first with a waterproof sealer (water resistant).

The new wall requires at least 2 weeks to completely dry before being painted. Ensure that the contractor is not in a hurry when working on your building. If not, the concrete will always moist and may cause wall cracks when there is seepage of water.

The Wall Paint was Peeling

If the moldy walls and peeling paint visible, the problem may come from rain water seepage. Check window and door rails, make sure there are no loopholes. If you see any cracks, cover with a waterproof silicone mixture.

Water Stains On Walls

If there are water stains on the walls and the smell of sour, there is the possibility of water seepage from the AC mains pipe or sewer. Even if you coat the walls with a waterproof sealant, the sealant will not adhere if the wall is too wet.

This is when you call a professional to locate leaks and patching the leak in the inner wall

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